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From humble beginins, Lil-Bit Ranch has grown to a world class equine facility.

From luxury boarding in modern stables, to an indoor arena (with loft-lounge), outdoor arenas, trail rides and 80+ acres, rest assured yours and your horse's needs will be met.

There's nothing little about Lil-Bit Ranch. We're an 85 acre horse operation, complete with all new fencing, equipment, and structures providing you a state of the art equine business.

Owners Bruce and Robin Gullett met in 1993 at which time Bruce nicknamed his partner, Robin, lil-bit.

When we met, we lived in the city but the desire was for bigger spaces and our own farm. Bruce grew up in the country on acreage and he's ridden since he was a boy. Robin began her equine career a little later in life while living in the city when she took some English riding lessons with her mother.

After running a small horse farm in Wainfleet for a few years, in February 2009, we found a run down horse farm in Ridgeway and decided to buy and spend the time to bring it to its former glory. It was a real mess, but we knew we could turn it around. We began constructing all new fencing, including six large horse paddocks with run in sheds and two smaller horse paddocks also with sheds. While we were at it, we made nine small outdoor maternity pens where our mares have their foals in a natural clean setting. We have experience to foal out a mare and take care of the mares and their foals.

Continuing with the renewal, we constructed a sixty-foot round pen, along with two large cattle pastures. We now also have two huge lit outdoor arenas, where evening riding is possible outdoors. We've also dug out a pond and put in a large parking lot.

The indoor arena now features a new raised lounge, complete with separate washrooms. From the loft-lounge, the arena below and the events are easily watched in heated comfort. We have twenty five stalls and the footing in all of them have been redone and new stall mats installed. We've added a new tackroom and a washing stall and this makes cleaning and bathing horses an easier job.

In our two new cattle pastures we have thirty head of Mexican Corrientes cattle from Texas and Oklahoma. These cows can be traced to cattle the Spanish brought over when they settled the Americas. The Mexicans call them rodeo cattle which have been developed over centuries of natural selection in the high desert of Mexico's central plateau.

These horned cattle are small, agile, are very hardy, and thankfully come with a good disposition, which makes them an extra-ordianary animal for team roping. Few of them make it this far north but we found contacts through the Scully family from Lane Tree Farms in Rockwood and bought our international herd.

With all the acreage and great facitlties, we offer many events and activities including team roping and breakaway roping practice on Wednesday evenings. Then there's Team sorting on Friday evenings where we encourage beginner and experienced horsemen to come out and try their luck with the cows.

With all the open land and great local terrain, trail rides have become a popular event on Sunday afternoons. Come and check us out!

Lil-Bit Ranch holds the largest money added Jackpot Ropings in Ontario.

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Lil Bit Ranch, 3200 Bertie Street, Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada
Bruce & Robin Gullett - 905.894.8077

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